lunes, 27 de abril de 2020

Jardin Sauvage
Purveyor of highest quality herbs and food since 1988. All material grown organically or gathered in clean wild areas.

We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of herbs for all purposes, to cultivation which helps rather than depletes the environment, and to propagating the culture of herbs, wild harvests, and heirloom & open-pollinated food varieties.

We are 2 people, now retired, with decades of gardening and gathering experience. Victor has operated a small organic farm in California, New Mexico and West Virginia and now is planting a plot in the Piedmont of Buckingham County, Virginia, providing products for non-profit distribution, diverse ethnic communities, and the gourmet and organic markets, via stores, restaurants and farmers markets.

Ellen has been growing organically since the 80's, working on organic bed techniques, growing diverse medicinal herbs and heirloom vegetables. Her skill at garden design and organization channels Victor's “wild garden” approach into a coherent, aesthetic and productive garden array. Together we have created a small operation which uses our expertise to best provide what the local market wants & needs.

Needless to say we use no toxic materials, non-organic fertilizers or GMO seeds. Our techniques combine those of the colonial Virginia gardens with modern bio-intensive production as developed by Rodale, by Alan Chadwick, the UCSC garden project in California, and other organic gardening pioneers.. We hope in our small way to contribute to the return of creative garden production such as was practiced at Monticello, to the central Virginia area.